We noticed that two of my friend’s sons were exceptionally good at sharing and being kind when playing with my daughter. When we commented to their moms, they both said their kids learned it at Cornerstone. This was the primary reason that we wanted to send our daughter to Cornerstone. Her teachers have been kind and dedicated. They have helped her through many of the big challenges of being a preschooler, including having a potty training accident, trying to fall asleep at nap time, falling and scraping her knee at the playground and learning how to share and take turns. It is fun to hear her come home from preschool proudly singing a song with the days of the week, singing a prayer before mealtime and sounding out her letters with hand motions and songs. When we drop her off at school, she runs to her classroom because she is so excited to go.  
Paul & Erin Y.
Cornerstone Parents and Members of First Pres Berkeley

We LOVE Cornerstone! Tara and Grace are both wonderful. The entire team is so loving to our son, Theo, who started at Cornerstone when he was only 2 months old. I am always surprised when we arrive and all teachers, not even in his infant class, greet him by name. The environment is lively, safe, clean, and nurturing. We look forward to many years ahead with Cornerstone Children’s Center.
Nicole C.
Cornerstone Parent and Members of First Pres Berkeley

I have nothing but praise for Cornerstone Children’s Center. The school provides compassionate care and a top-notch education. The pre-k program really prepares the children for kindergarten both socially and in the education they receive. My oldest son was way ahead in his kindergarten class thanks to the guidance of his Cornerstone teachers. I love the fact that they integrate languages into the program, both Spanish and Mandarin. My younger twin boys have learned by leaps and bounds since starting the school over a year ago. The teachers are incredibly patient and work with each child in a unique way to meet his/her learning needs.  The school and classroom facilities are very clean and filled with many educational tools at their fingertips to learn new things every day. The playground facilities are beautiful and the children spend plenty of outdoor time exploring and learning. I highly recommend Cornerstone with all it has to offer. 
Susan W.
Cornerstone Parent

Cornerstone Children’s Center has provided the highest quality of care to my two daughters for the past seven years.  Each of my girls started out there at the age of 7 months. As a parent, it is always incredibly difficult to hand over your children for the first time, but Cornerstone did what we all hope those who care for our kids will do – they loved my kids as much as I do. All of the teachers at Cornerstone are incredibly committed and they totally and completely LOVE children. Their dedication to toddlers and preschoolers is unparalleled. As my kids moved from infant/toddler care to the preschool program, the school’s play-based philosophy and curriculum, to put it simply, worked beautifully for my kids. My oldest daughter in now in second grade and she entered kindergarten extremely confident and well prepared. She was both socially and academically ready. My youngest daughter is 4 and she is thriving at Cornerstone.  She is excited to be at school and she is learning new things at a rapid pace. Cornerstone provides an environment where children are nurtured and encouraged not to just learn and grow, but to thrive.  I couldn’t have picked a better preschool for my children.
Amy F.
Cornerstone Parent and Members of First Pres Berkeley

Our two children have been attending Cornerstone since they were each about 4 months old. We love that Cornerstone has reinforced for our kids values that are important to us: instilling a love of learning, providing ample opportunities to both play and rest, encouraging creativity, teaching good manners and how to treat others with respect, all while honoring their individuality and interests. Our eldest is entering kindergarten in the fall and we are thankful she has been so well prepared, academically and socially, though we also know she will dearly miss the teachers and friends she loves so much.
Jennifer D.
Cornerstone Parent

Our daughter attended Cornerstone from the time she was 2 years old until she entered kindergarten. Cornerstone was the first experience that she had with care givers and we were a little nervous. The teachers so understood about the situation and quickly made us feel at ease. Within a few days, our daughter was running into the class without even needing a goodbye hug! We found that regardless of which class she was in, the teachers were loving and understanding of our daughter’s individual needs. They really understood her and worked hard to support her development at each stage of her preschool years. The environment was always set up to engage the children with different activities and the children were always able to choose an activity that interested them based on their own developmental needs and interests. Cornerstone opened a new world up for her and she soon became a very social butterfly, making new friends along the way. Cornerstone prepared our daughter for school not only academically, but also socially as well. I cannot praise Cornerstone enough and we love the time our daughter spent in their care!
Josie & Scott P.
Former Cornerstone Parents

Our children have attended Cornerstone Children’s Center for the last three years.  My youngest started there as an infant and has blossomed both socially and academically thanks to the kindness and care given to her by the staff. They made every transition easier, including potty training! My son has just finished the pre-k program, and it has been a wonderful experience. He has learned both Spanish and Chinese this year! He was also taught how to write letters and numbers, all in a fun environment. He loves doing art projects as well as his time on the playground with friends. The program will have him well prepared for the start of kindergarten. As a parent, I have peace of mind leaving my children knowing that they are both well cared for and are in an environment where they will have a day full of play.
Sharon L.
Cornerstone Parent

My daughter was 6 months old when I first brought her to Cornerstone. This June, I attended her preschool “graduation ceremony.” She will have attended Cornerstone for five years of her life by the time she leaves this fall to start kindergarten. It has been an astounding time of developmental discovery, joy, laughter, challenge, and some intense bouts of guilt after she turned 2 and was suddenly unwilling to part from me in the mornings.  Throughout, the staff at Cornerstone have been capable, calm, and supportive. They have encouraged her in countless creative projects, engaged her in play, helped her socialize with her peers, endured the uneven progress of potty-training, and over the last year have coached her in numbers, letter-writing, days of the week/month, and spatial relations. Above all, Cornerstone has been a safe, loving miniature world for my daughter for the days when I am not with her. We leave it with both lingering sadness, and the certainty that she is ready to move on because Cornerstone has prepared her so well to do so. I am so glad that we chose and stayed with Cornerstone.
Silvia Y.
Cornerstone Parent