V__D910Nursery Program: Infant and Toddler Care

Our infant and toddler program serves children between the ages of 6 weeks and 2 years. We offer three care centers/classrooms to allow children to explore the world around them in an environment that has been set up to offer enriching experiences that nurture each child’s development. Each child is given the care, time, and space to explore at his or her own needs. Our teachers are responsive and responsible facilitators whose loving guidance encourages, educates, and protects the children in their care.

Ratio and Class Size
Infants – 1:3 with a maximum group size of 12
Waddlers – 1:4 with a maximum group size of 12
Toddlers/Cubs – 1:4 with a maximum group size of 12

Preschool Classes – Sun Bear, Koala, and Panda

Our preschool classrooms serve children ages 2 years to pre-kindergarten. We offer three age-appropriate classrooms that provide experiences that encourage the children’s social, emotional, intellectual, physical, creative, and spiritual growth. Activities and lessons are age-appropriate and based on the individual needs and interests of the child. Each child is given the time and space to explore concepts at his or her own developmental needs/level. Because “play” is the central activity of childhood and of our program, concepts such as math, science, and language arts are taught through fun hands-on activities.

Ratio and Class Size
Sun Bear (2 – 2 ½ yrs) – 1:6 with a max group size of 12
Koala (2 ½ – 3 ½  yrs) – 1:8 with a maximum group size of 16
Panda (3 ½ – 4 ½  yrs) – 1:8 with a maximum group size of 24

df372c0e7a9792908935b14ade02cb07aee276a5_lPre-Kindergarten Class – Polar

Our pre-kindergarten program is for children entering kindergarten the following year. This class uses nationally recognized pre-kindergarten curriculum called “Get Set For School.” This curriculum is developmentally appropriate and multisensory for children of all abilities. Its components consist of Pre-K Language & Literacy, Pre-K Readiness & Writing, and Pre-K Numbers & Math. Our pre-k program allows for a wonderful balance of small group lessons and enriching activities such as art, music and movement, and free choice play.

Ratio and Class Size
Pre-K/Polar (4 – 5 yrs) – 1:8 with a max group size of 16